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Restaurant flooring tile ideas

A restaurant is a place to relax where people come to dine-in and to spend some quality time. Hence, if you plan to open a new restaurant or renovate the existing one, keep in mind correct flooring is a crucial element. A wrong choice may not only spoil the look of the place and discourage visitors but is also a risk to health and safety. Any restaurant has three major areas; dining, kitchen, and restrooms. All three are critical and have individual requirements; however, the flooring has to be stylish, durable, and the one that is easy to clean. So, let’s discuss each area one by one.

Restaurant flooring tiles

Whether it is fast food, dine-in, or something in between, a restaurant aims to attract guests so that they can enjoy food and spend some quality time together. The flooring is continuously under pressure; people are moving around, furniture including chairs and tables shifting from one corner to the other, and food and drinks spilling now and then. Along with all this, the floor has to look spick and span and need regular cleaning to attract the customers. The tiles have to be robust and durable to withstand the pressure.

Dining area

In a restaurant, the area which has to be most resplendent is the dining room that welcomes in the guest. The porcelain tiles are an excellent match for the place as they are tough, durable, and long-lasting. Furthermore, it is moisture, chip, and scratch-resistant, as the area needs regular cleaning, and the color doesn’t fade away quickly. The tile isn’t porous, so any spillage is easy to remove. The tile’s regular mopping will clean the dirt present and leave no spots behind, hence giving a sparkling new look each time.


Secondly, a commercial kitchen has its requirements, but it has to stay clean and tidy to ensure both the employees’ and guests’ food quality and health. Again, porcelain tiles are great for use in commercial kitchens due to its functions. During cooking different meals, the flooring can get dirty and so require regular cleaning. The porcelain tile has low absorbency, is stain resistant, and cleaning is easy, making it an idle choice for the area. Often heavy machines and equipment’s are dragged from one place to another, which results in spilling and can leave marks behind; however, maintenance is easier in the porcelain tiles. Moreover, due to its durability, porcelain can withstand the movement of heavy machines and equipment without much damage.


Again, the restroom is an area that guests visit frequently and encounters all kinds of spills from time to time. In a restaurant, porcelain tiles can work well in the bathroom; they are not porous, clean easily, and retain their sparkling look and shine every time after cleaning.

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