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Maximize Your Space With Large Flooring Tiles

Modern architecture is incorporating large flooring tiles in its design. Whether it is a home or office, the tiles look aesthetically pleasing and more comfortable to maintain. Gone are the days when only a few colors were on the list; today, we have a vast collection of shades and textures available. Or we can say that there is a tile to suit everyone’s style. A large tile makes the small space look bigger; either you choose them for your kitchen, bathroom, or living room, a prominent difference will be visible. Read along the following blog to find out how your small space can give an illusion of a large area.

Do large flooring tiles make a room look smaller?

No, the opposite happens when we talk about smaller spaces. Following are the few ways by which your small room can look more prominent with large tiles;

  1. A large flooring tile will cover more area and require less grouting lines than a smaller one. Hence, fewer tiles in a particular area don’t give the impression of overcrowding on the floor. The smaller the tile, the busier the bottom appears, and hence space looks small.
  2. Another right way to make the room look bigger is by choosing light-colored tiles. This is also true with the wall color, so if we observe, usually light colors are selected in the interiors. A dark shade absorbs light; however, a lighter one will reflect the light, which will make it look spacious.
  3. Similar goes with the glaze tiles; it has a quality of reflecting light. A glazed large tile and wall will make the room spacious; however, if you choose matt shades, the situation will be the opposite. When designing the interior for smaller spaces, different variables have to be kept in mind. Besides, over glossy look will also not suit a small area and make the place look too sleek.
  4. Usually, when we look at the modern tile flooring ideas, a smaller space has plain tiles. This is because the one with the pattern makes the place seem to be overcrowded. The smaller or busier the room, keep the tiles and walls plain and light-colored. When the wall and tiles have a similar tone and match each other, the overall appearance is pleasing to the eye.
  5. There are various ways to layout the tiles on the floor; you might notice diverse arrangements at different places. When it comes to smaller size rooms, the best pattern is a standard grid or diamond shape. Try to choose a design that does not give a crowded and busy look on the floor.

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are standard to use and give an excellent appeal to the place. A large flooring tile in any one of the material is a great choice to cover any floor of your work or home space. We at Wholesale floor and tile provide a wide variety of flooring and tile solutions to our customers. Call us at 844 700-TILE (8453) to know more.