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Care Tips For Marble Tile Floors

Using marble tiles for your flooring is an amazing way to show your style. The elegant natural stone comes in various colors, textures and marks a proper statement in any room.

But, a bit like with different premium products, the luxurious stone will need specific care to be at its best. Though marble is considered a softer stone, it is very resilient in reality. Regular maintenance, particularly once done the right way, helps to preserve its integrity and extend the lifetime of your natural stone floors. Here are some tips regarding taking care of your marble flooring.


Dust Mop Your Marble

Eliminating the grit, dirt, and mud on your floors every 7 days is essential to protect your marble tile. You may need to use a dust mop with a head of a microfiber or twisted cotton yarn rather than a flat sweeper with chemical-laden, refillable pads. The soft, individual fibers will collect the dirt while not grinding it into the marble’s surface as you progress around the room. To avoid scratches caused by previous bits, make sure to clean your mop head after every cleaning session. And, never use an upright vacuum as it can damage your precious natural stone.


Cover your Marbles

While you may want to point out each of your tiles, it’s a decent plan to hide some with rugs or mats. This is often particularly useful in entryways and other high foot traffic areas. It safeguards your marble from scratches caused by rocks and rubble. As an excellent tip for keeping marble clean around guests, everybody will wipe their feet before getting into your home or once coming back in from the backyard. Though not all marble floors feature a shiny finish, it’s best to use non-slip backings or pads for rugs in homes with polished tile.


Blot Marble Spills Fast

Spills are absolute to happen, but don’t stress! Ensure to instantly blot up the spill with a towel rather than attempting to wipe it dry, as this may spread the liquid to many areas of the marble. Then, clean the mess with light dish soap and some water. Finally, dry the tile well help prevent stains.


Of course, there are further tips for specific rooms or specific kinds of marble finishes. For instance, high traffic areas like hallways and foyers need more cleaning. Placing carpet below feeding tables will help catch food-related spills rather than subjecting your marble floors to several potential stains. Honed marble hides grime and water spots, which may be nice for the bathroom. However, the more porous stone is also more prone to stains from certain liquids. But, if you put these general and specific care tips to practice, your marble floor will last for decades.