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Bathroom backsplash ideas

It was written somewhere that wash away your troubles with some bubbles; hence the bathroom is one place where you can leave behind your worries and enjoy a warm bath to freshen up. The design of your bathroom matters and two critical things to consider in it are the toilet and sink. When it comes to sink a great backsplash is equally essential to give the place an exotic look. There are various bathroom backsplash ideas to choose from as per your taste and design. A new one will not only bring excitement to your hand washing but also protect your back wall from the damage that the water might cause. So, let’s look ahead to on few great ideas to help you out!

Tiles for your bathroom backsplash

Tiling is one of the most common ways to bring a novel look to your bathroom. It is a long-lasting solution, and various patterns and colors are available to make choices. Even it won’t empty your pockets. Few tiling patterns as per the latest trends are as follows;

Geometric design
A typical design that is found in many places; however, it still gives a great look. The tiles have geometric patterns, including square, rectangle, diamond, hexagons, and all others you name. Whatever shape matches your bathroom, you choose it, and it’s available. It’s great to see just how the figures all fit with each other giving a great look.

Mosaic tiles are a mixture of multiple colors, giving a fun-loving texture to the tiles. The design adds creativity to your backsplash, and you have choices to arrange the mosaic tiles as per your taste; there is no fixed arrangement for it. Like you can either set one black and one white together; or few whites than a black piece, the choice is yours.

Another fun arrangement for your backsplash tiles, its unique patterns give a different look to your bathroom. The tiles carry a particular culture in them, so choose it as per your preference.

Paint and stickers for backsplash

Other than tiles, you also can select from the ready stickers or a coat of new paint for the backsplash. It is an easy and quick option. Just be careful to choose the ones you can clean quickly and won’t be affected by water. If you plan to have stickers, many are there to buy, peel and stick them onto the backsplash. It’s available in many different designs, even in the patterns of tiles and vinyl.

Wooden backsplash
A new hit in the market is a wooden backsplash. There are strips of wood that fit perfectly on your back wall and give a great look. However, to protect it from water, seal it from moisture like applying a varnish that would protect it long. This is essential as wood can easily damage otherwise if it catches moisture.

So if you are looking for new and exciting bathroom backsplash ideas, visit Wholesale Floor and tile, call us at 844 700-8453.